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Home Ownership

Home Ownership Program
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland is a non-profit organization that builds communities of new energy efficient homes, with affordable financing. The homes are sold with affordable monthly payments to Habitat families by means of subsidized financing. Families invest approximately $2,000 to pay for closing costs in addition to volunteering hundreds of hours of sweat-equity to help build their own home, as well as the homes of other Habitat families.
Habitat candidates and home buyers must understand and be committed to:
  • Going through a detailed screening process
  • Fulfilling significant partnership obligations
  • Buying a home with fewer options for its features and location
  • Must be willing to live in the communities where we are building
All families go through an extensive screening process that determines eligibility based on three basic criteria: 
  • Need of decent, stable and affordable housing
  • Willing to collaborate to build their home
  • Demonstrate the ability to pay by meeting our financial requirements
We believe that buyer readiness is a key component of successful homeownership, which is why we require all of our families to participate in pre-and post-closing classes at the Avesta Homeownership Center. Topics include understanding credit, obtaining a mortgage and loans, shopping for a home, closing assistance and how to maintain a home. In addition, they receive one-on-one counseling and access to home maintenance workshops.
In order to ensure long term affordability for the homeowner and with regard to creating a healthier community for all of our neighbors, we build our homes at no less than Energy Star standards. Our homes are well-built, easy to maintain and save homeowners hundreds of dollars each year on utility costs.

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Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, or familial status.


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