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Springtime Walk

springtime walk
Springtime Walk 
Let's Walk Separately, Together! 
Because of the Coronavirus pandemic we were sadly forced to cancel the annual Good Friday Walk. Thankfully, the Good Friday Walk committee is carrying on with the tradition with a new idea for a fundraising walk. Let's all choose our own date to take a walk in May 2020. Walk wherever you are, for however long you want. Get outside, and get some sunshine, while staying socially distanced. Let's walk separately, together towards a home for all! May we see a day when there is enough housing for all!  

Becoming a fundraiser online is quick and easy! Click here, then click "Join" on the homepage. Join a team that already exists or start your own team. If you don't have a specific team in mind, click "Join a Team" and join the Habitat team. Fill in your information, then share your fundraising page on your social media and email it to friends and family! You can also mail checks to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland, 659 Warren Avenue, Portland, ME 04103.
You can post on your fundraising page the date you are walking along with some photos of fun things you see along the way. Let's all get out for a walk and help Habitat build a future for Maine families!
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Join Our Strava Club!
Track your walk, and other walkers, in our Strava club! strava.com/clubs/habitatgreaterportland. Click Join Club. If you don't have a Strava account, create one, then you'll be a member of our club. From there, use the Strava app on your mobile device. In the Clubs tab on your homepage you'll see Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland. Whenever you choose to record your walk, run, or bike ride it will show up in the Habitat club. You'll be able to see your activity and the activity of others, and post photos. It's fun!


Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland 

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