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Shop often, save big!

All proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland.

What do we sell?

We have thousands of new items including building materials, furniture, housewares and kitchen appliances. They range from the occasional antique to new and gently used goods. You can save 50% to 90% off retail prices on everything in the store. Approximately half of our products are new. Our inventory is updated daily so return visits are always a shopping adventure.

Why should I Shop at ReStore?

  • All profits are used to support Habitat for Humanity‚Äôs home building program.
  • Salvaged items are reused and not put into expensive landfills.
  • Save 50% to 90% off retail prices.
  • Find unique products, even antiques, unavailable in stores.

What can I Buy?

  • furniture
  • large kitchen appliances
  • kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • doors
  • windows
  • hardware
  • insulation
  • lumber and plywood
  • lighting
  • roofing
  • flooring
  • tools

If you find an item, and you are absolutely sure you want it, but can’t take it with you that day, you can pay for it, fill out a sold tag, and arrange to pick it up by the end of the next business day. After that time, the tags come off, and the items become available for resale.

Once an item is priced, the price is firm. That makes it fair for everyone.

We offer our items at remarkable discounts, and our prices are set firmly so that we can continue to support our mission of eliminating poverty housing in Greater Portland.

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